Published Articles



Interpreters: Silver-Tongued Masters of Memory




Beneath the Sugar Moon





Warming the Kitchen with Bread
(photo credit)





The Scent of a Horse





The Staff of Life: Growing and harvesting small grains






The Emperor's New Clothes





Delicious Friendship






Rough Shod with Shoes of Hope





The Indefensible Position:
Men Should Knit





Keeping the Home Fires Burning: From Prometheus to Central Heat




A Lake Monster, or Two in New England




Si tibi lanitium curae...
If Wool be in thy Care...




Certe Pro Dii Immortales
Yes, by the immortal Gods




Whither North American Woolen Mills?





Book Review of Natural Beekeeping




The Flight of the 4th Horseman: Avian Flu





Man does not live by bread alone: Bread and Puppets





Got too much milk?





Le boulanger de village
The Village Baker





The Girls of La Moutonnière





On Keeping Bees ...






Things that go buzz in the night





Kiss of the Rabbit Lady